Sarah P McClennen Certified Advanced Rolfer®


After surviving a serious accident as a teenager in the 80s, Sarah was introduced to Rolfing, a somewhat new and non-traditional field of medicine. The integration of both Western and Eastern medicine not only brought about the healing Sarah needed but also inspired her lifelong desire for personal and professional performance and well-being, for herself and for others.

Sarah studied massage therapy at the New Hampshire Institute for Therapeutic Arts before spending 11 years studying with Dr. John Upledger and his wife, Lisa Upledger, at the Upledger Institute Inc where she was a teaching assistant and a certified Cranio Sacral Therapist for the organization. Sarah also interned with an acupuncturist and an osteopath. After an intensive two-year training, she became a Certified Rolfer® in 2014 before going on to become a Certified Rolf Movement Practitioner® in 2016, and a Certified Advanced Rolfer® in 2018.


As Sarah discovered in her own life, healing is a multidimensional experience involving the mind, body, and spirit. As a Certified Advanced Rolfer®, Rolf® Movement Practitioner, LMT, CST, her goal is to help her patients learn how to be at peace and at ease so real healing can occur.

“Health is not a static concept but the ability of the body to constantly chance and adapt to the effects of internal and external stressors,” says Sarah. “These stressors can be physical, emotional, and/or spiritual and these forces affect each person differently. I believe there is an Inner Physician within each of us who knows what is out of balance and how we can restore our health. I aim to acquaint each client with their Inner Physician so we can work together to bring about, and maintain, holistic health.”

In Their Own Words

The atmosphere at Feel Peaceful Therapy contributes to a healing experience. Sarah brings intelligence, wisdom, and humor to the treatment room.

B.S., New London, NH

About Ida Rolf

The magic lies in her creation of a technique that allows practitioners to develop their own intuition and bring it to the service of others.

Rosemary Feitis, New York, 1978
Taken from Rolfing® and Physical Reality: edited with and introduction by Rosemary Feitis ©1978

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