Ear Coning

Ear coning or ear candling is an age-old home remedy used to remove excess ear wax, soothe the ears, relieve pain and itching from infections, and dry out any fluids in the inner ear canal. After ear coning sessions, many Feel Peaceful clients have reported their various allergies have decreased or been eliminated, their hearing has improved, their sinuses have cleared, their upper respiratory systems are generally healthier,and they experience fewer colds or their colds are shorter in duration.


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How Ear Coning Works

Ear coning involves the use of a hollow cloth ear wax removal cone coated with wax.

  1. The candle is placed through an aluminum pie tin to protect you from burns.
  2. The tapered end of the candle is placed gently in the ear and the other end is lit.
  3. Warm smoke travels down into the ear canal as well as into the inner ear and sinuses. The warm smoke softens the ear wax and a vacuum is created inside the candle, drawing the wax up into the candle.



Usually two to four candles are used in each ear during the hour and a half session. I recommend ear coning twice a year as preventative maintenance, in the autumn and the spring. If you notice problems with your ears such as decreased hearing or the feeling your ears are blocked, I recommend coning sessions be done every couple of days until the problem resolves. I have never had to do more than four sessions in a row to relieve an ear problem.