Deep Tissue Massage

massage2Deep Tissue Massage With or without the use of hot stones.
Deep tissue massage is a very powerful healing modality.  It incorporates the theories of acupressure, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, and neuromuscular therapy.  Contrary to popular belief, deep tissue massage should not be extremely painful.  In order to allow the body to release old tension patterns, which are often below the level of our awareness, a firm pressure must be used which is not so hard that it activates the body’s defense mechanisms, yet deep enough to bring an end to the tension pattern. stonesThere is a delicate balance.  Each person has a different threshold and my job as a massage therapist is to be able to sense the correct pressure. I have been practicing deep tissue massage  for 14 years.  I have developed a sensitivity in my hands to sense the correct amount of pressure which will relax the muscles without causing them to tighten in defense from too much pressure.  The result for the client is a vigorous massage which while there may be some tenderness, produces a deeply relaxed feeling afterwards. Recently I have incorporated the use of hot stones.  I use the hot stones to  massage areas which seem resistant to relaxation.  The combination of the heat and the deep pressure seems to be very effective. I always combine my deep tissue massage sessions with the Cranio Sacral Therapy.   People have reported that they feel incredible relief.  Usually several sessions are required to change a problem.