'After under going a series of knee operations, my body was no longer properly aligned. Sarah McClennen’s Rolfing sessions helped me to establish a normal gait and helped to eliminate my lower back pain. Sarah’s attentiveness to my body’s changes, accompanied by her knowledge and expertise, allowed me to function on a comfortable level. I continue to see her for follow up sessions to maintain this balance.' anonymous

'I had the ten basic Rolfing sessions over twenty-five years ago and since then have had a few dozen additional treatments as needed. In all I have seen six or more different practitioners. Sarah is unquestionably the best by far and never fails to provide relief for whatever ails me. She has my highest recommendation.' anonymous

'Before I went to see Sarah at Feel Peaceful I was anything but. My left hip was so tight I was only comfortable walking. Standing, sitting and even laying down were all uncomfortable. I tried massage, physical therapy and chiropractics, none of them worked for long. My husband suggested I try Rolfing and Sarah specifically. I won’t say I was better overnight but after a few months I noticed significant improvement.
I continue to see Sarah for minor issues now and have never felt better or moved more freely. She is magical!' anonymous

'The ten part Rolfing sequence was quite miraculous for me. Each appointment resulted in noticeable changes in how my body felt. I was standing up taller, felt lighter on my feet, more in balance. Areas of tightness or discomfort were relieved. The effects were cumulative and long lasting. About a year after finishing the ten part series I had hip replacement surgery.

The recovery from surgery was not easy. I found myself having lost strength and balance and now there were dramatic changes and asymmetries in my gait. Everything was all out of whack! I went back to Sarah for a couple of "tune-ups" and couldn't believe how much her work helped immediately! In just one session she had my healing leg functioning so much better! In conclusion, I can personally recommend Sarah's Rolfing treatments, and also her help with post surgical recovery. She is highly skilled and effective and her treatments are also very enjoyable.' anonymous

'I entered the Rolfing program with Sarah with much trepidation. I had heard there was a lot of pain with it, amount other things. I immediately told Sarah "I was not into pain!" She told me "no worries, if I appear to be too heavy (with pressure), just tell me and I will back off". And she did. With all the modalities I have tried, this was by far the most successful! I attribute that to Sarah and her manner of explaining things to me. She told me why "things" act the way they do and what we can/not do about it.

I not only sit better, (most of the time), but I walk better also. The pain that I had been experiencing in my back is all but gone.
I am grateful for the time I have been fortunate enough to have spent with her.' anonymous

'You have opened my understanding and helped me physically in innumerable ways over the past decade. You are highly skilled at Rolfing; when combined with your positive outlook and ease of manner the result is an unexpected and steady progression for the patient. I am enormously grateful for your continued interest and care.' anonymous

'From my very first Rolfing session with Sarah, I’ve moved more freely and my posture has improved. My feet are flatter on the floor when I stand giving me a good base, and the muscle release I get in the right side of my body where I tend to hold tension, especially my shoulder and lower back, brings welcome relief. Sarah seems to know exactly how much pressure to apply without having it hurt. What’s more, as I learn to move my body in a more relaxed way using better posture, I’m able to sustain the good effects longer and longer. Thanks, Sarah !' anonymous

'After a session, my body feels taller, stronger and more confident with feet firmly placed with each step. To my great delight, Rolfing has replaced my needs for anxiety meds. My feeling of well-being and improved posture is on-going and experienced in both walking AND sitting. After two hip replacement surgeries and several Rolfing sessions, I am feeling like a new woman at age 80 PLUS.' anonymous